Southern Israel Crisis Update

Student Rally for Israel

A student rally that is expected to attract broad community support for Israel will take place this Sunday, January 18th, 2009 at Dundas Square (Yonge and Dundas) at 1 pm.   Toronto for Israel Rally will demonstrate solidarity for the people of Israel who have endured close to 9,000 Hamas…

Day 2 - Beersheva

Our day began with a visit to the B'nei Shimon Regional Council.  This Council is responsible for a large geographic space around Beersheva.  We learned of their preparedness hearing many of the same things that we had heard the day before in Sderot.  The lessons of the Lebanon War had…

Day 1 - Sderot (con't)

Next, we left the soldiers near the border and head back to Sderot.  On the way we heard there were two Kassams that landed in the area.  Our group is totally calm and confident that we are on a mission with a purpose.  [Global National interviews UJA Mission participant Jeff Springer]

Day 1 - Sderot

We began our day with the hour and a half drive to Sderot.  Along the way we were given the instructions of what to do if we heard the sirens indicating a missile attack.  Thank G-d we did not hear the sirens all day.  [Global National interviews UJA Mission participant Jeff Springer]

Initial Reflections Upon Arrival

Our small solidarity mission just arrived in Tel Aviv and as one would expect, you would never know there was a war going on. The streets are full and bustling and lots of traffic!