Record number of shuls take part in UJA Federation’s Shabbat Itanu

By Dan Horowitz-- UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s inclusion initiative Itanu Toronto was born from the belief that a community should always welcome and include people with special needs.  

After all, social inclusion reflects values that are inherent to Jewish Life: Derech Eretz (re…

UJA of Greater Toronto Nepal Emergency Relief Fund

United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto has established an emergency relief fund to help save lives and provide support for victims of this heartbreaking tragedy.

This Victoria Day you have a choice: UJA's Run or Walk with Israel

By Dan Horowitz--It’s incredible what can develop from a simple conversation between friends.

A couple of years ago, while Sam Mizrahi was co-chairing UJA’s Walk with Israel, his friend and self-described “weekend runner” Jordan Korenzvit suggested that if there was a way to run on …

Yom Hashoah VeHagevurah: Never Again!

At sundown this evening, Yom Hashoah VeHagevurah, a Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust, comes to an end. The day is also to pay tribute to the heroism of those who endured unthinkable acts for no reason other than that they were Jewish.

Today, 70 years after the end of World War II we, as …

400 Torontonians Join Jews in Poland on March of the Living

By David Matlow--If we came to Poland on the Adult March of the Living looking for answers, so far, three days into our journey, we only have more questions.

We arrived on Monday in a chartered El Al Jumbo Jet. The significance of flying on the national airline of Israel from our comfortabl…