INSIDE UJA: We Are All One Large Community

In conversation with William Kleinbaum

Based in Israel, William Kleinbaum (known to most as “Willie”) has served as the Managing Director of Israel & Overseas at UJA Federation of Greater Toronto for over five years. With deep knowledge of the needs and challenges in our overseas commun…

Adding Our Light In Times Of Darkness

On Sunday, Jews around the world will gather to light the hanukkiah. While Hanukkah is always meaningful, its message feels especially poignant this year.

Thinking about Hanukkah in light of the current growth of antisemitism brought to mind a wise insight from Dara Horn. The author once ob…

An Update on the Fight Against Jew Hatred

We’re all seeing and feeling it. Jew hatred seems to be getting even more brazen and more unrestrained.

With all that’s happened recently, we wanted to provide an update on how UJA is addressing this challenge, with a focus on six key steps we’ve taken since our last report to the com…

Remembering Honey & Barry Sherman z''l

Today, with heavy hearts, we reflect on the fact that it has been five years since the tragic murders of Honey and Barry Sherman, z’’l.

Like so many throughout the community, we continue to feel the loss of this extraordinary couple. Honey and Barry touched our lives – along with ever…

INSIDE UJA: The Power of Generosity

In conversation with Angela Feldman

As we approach the end of 2022—and UJA’s 2022 Annual Campaign—we sat down with Campaign Co-Chair Angela Feldman to discuss Jewish Toronto, what she’s learned from her experience as Co-Chair, and more.

What amazes you about the Toronto Jewish comm…