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Masha was forced to flee her conflict ridden city halfway across the world

In 2014, Masha Shumyatsky fled Donestk, Ukraine after it became involved in a military conflict.  She is one of hundreds of thousands of people UJA helps overseas thanks to it's partner agencies JDC and JAFI.

Dudi discovers Jewish Toronto

Hear from our friend Dudi who sets out on a discovery tour of UJA Federation across the GTA.  UJA Federation of Greater Toronto is making Jewish Community Happen in many ways through our partner organizations. 

UJA Federation's Investment in Bat Yam

Bat Yam is home to the fastest growing Ethiopian-Israeli community in Israel. To advance this community and accelerate its integration, UJA and its partners in Israel invest in education, vocational and young leadership programs.

The infographic above highlights how your donations to UJA …

The STEM Twinning Initiative

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are the future of a community and a country. Your donations to UJA Federation of Greater Toronto go towards investing in STEM education for youth in various cities in Israel, including Bat Yam, Sderot and Eilat/Eilot. Check out how we measu…