Reverse ShinShinim Program Among Top Initiatives Making an Impact in Israel

A group of remarkable Toronto teens living in Eilat–a UJA Federation partner city–have committed to making a difference through volunteerism while on their gap year. Participants in UJA’s Reverse ShinShinim year of service program, the students spend time in the community, volunteering to teach English, working with at-risk youth, and helping to pack meals for displaced families, among other activities.

UJA’s Israel Engagement team recently coordinated a meaningful Shabbat weekend get-together in Eilat on Kibbutz Ketura between the Reverse ShinShinim and their Tel Aviv-based counterparts on the Arevim Masa year of service initiative. The goal was to learn more about the Eilat-Eilot region, discuss partnership and shared values, and focus on social welfare and civil service programs to help Israeli communities.

The Eilat-Toronto partnership provides a crucial bridge between the diaspora and Israeli communities, and we are proud to see students from Toronto’s Jewish community show their pride, and stand together with Israel for a full year before attending university.

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Teens in Israel around an eilat sign