Jewish summer camp financial assistance Jewish summer camp financial assistance

What financial assistance is available for families?

Strengthening Jewish identity is one of UJA Federation’s top priorities – and there’s no question that Jewish overnight summer camp has a life-changing and lifelong impact on community members. A strong and diverse camping system enriches our community in countless ways. This is why UJA invests in programs to provide more children and teens with an opportunity to experience the magic of Jewish summer camp.

UJA Federation firmly believes that no Jewish child or teen should be cut off from essential Jewish experiences – including overnight summer camp – because their parents are facing a financial crisis due to the pandemic. Looking ahead to the 2021 camping season, we anticipate that financial assistance needs will grow by 50%. This is why we are working to increase our investments in summer camp tuition relief by funding needs-based scholarships.

Camp Scholarships

In the past, UJA's "One Happy Camper" program provided grants to families for the first year of a child's enrollment. In an effort to deliver greater support to families in financial need, this program is being replaced with expanded, needs-based scholarships funded in partnership with UJA and our Jewish summer camps, and delivered by our camps. To learn more about available summer camp scholarships, please connect directly with your summer camp.

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Interest Free Loans

Do you need an interest free loan to help with Jewish summer camp payments? Click here to apply for loans provided by Jewish Free Loan Toronto through a minimal application process. *Interest free loans are only available to families living in the Greater Toronto Area.

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The online application system provides a secure platform for families. Please note that we take security very seriously, and all personal and confidential information is kept private. We also actively monitor and update the system to safeguard families’ information. 

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