What We Do
Fighting Jewish Poverty and Improving Wellbeing for Our Community

As a community, we are defined by our generosity and compassion for the most vulnerable among us. UJA Federation addresses this priority through collaborative efforts with multiple social service agencies, to ensure the most financially disadvantaged members of our community can access the help they need to live with hope, meaning and dignity.

Fortifying Jewish Education and Preserving Jewish Identity

Our investment in both formal and informal Jewish education ensures Toronto is home to one of the world’s strongest and most diverse Jewish day school systems and a wide array of Jewish identity programs designed to provide high-impact Jewish experiences and foster lifelong Jewish journeys.

Strengthening Connections to Israel and Empowering Global Jewish Communities in Need

Nowhere is the concept of Jewish unity and mutual responsibility felt more strongly than in the relationship between UJA Federation and Jewish communities in Israel and around the world. We support Israel and Jewish communities globally through our work with our valued partners, including the JAFI and the American JDC, as well as the CIJA, which advocates for Israel and Canadian Jewry.