There’s no vaccine for


But your generosity can
make all the difference.

For those hit hardest by the pandemic, this crisis is far from over.

One in three Torontonians struggle to pay for essentials like rent and food.1 2021 will bring the highest ever annual increase in the cost of groceries.2 We’re seeing a dangerous and growing mental health crisis.

For many in our Jewish community, their crisis won’t end when the pandemic does. But with your generous support, UJA’s network of life-saving Jewish social service agencies can make all the difference.

Your gift to UJA's Annual Campaign will ensure those still struggling have the help they need when they need it most.

There’s no one program that can meet these challenges alone.

But through our UJA-funded Jewish social safety net, we provide a full range of services to those struggling so they can get back on their feet.

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Financial aid

For the parents still without work or whose income is gone, a caring Jewish community offers emergency financial aid or job search support.

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For the single, young professional hit by mental health crisis due to lockdown and isolation, a caring Jewish community offers counselling and connection.

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Food insecurity

For the elderly community member threatened by food insecurity, a caring Jewish community offers food relief programs such as Kosher Meals on Wheels and grocery deliveries.

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Jewish life

For children whose families are in financial crisis and can no longer afford Jewish programming, a caring Jewish community offers relief to keep kids connected to Jewish life.

All of these and more are funded through your generous gift to UJA’s Annual Campaign.

Your donation to UJA’s Annual Campaign is a gift that strengthens Jewish life across the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, Israel, and the world. Our 2021 Annual Campaign comes at a critical moment for our community. This year, your gift will help lead our community to a strong recovery from the pandemic and will help build a more secure Jewish future for our children and grandchildren.

To learn more about how our Annual Campaign touches the lives of thousands of community members, read our latest Impact Report.

1 The Toronto Foundation

2 Global News