Honey Sherman z"l honored  at UJA's 13th Annual Volunteer Awards Night

The following video includes excerpts that were taken from an interview conducted with Honey and Barry Sherman on October 11th, 2017, in preparation for the opening of Sherman Campus Phase 2 in late 2019. As long time champions and founding leaders of UJA Federation’s Tomorrow Campaign, Honey and Barry were asked about what has motivated their extraordinary leadership over the years.



One of the most moving portions of UJA Federation’s 13th annual volunteer awards night was when Honey Sherman z"l was posthumously awarded the 2018 Ben Sadowski award of merit. Julia Koschitzky spoke eloquently of both Honey and Barry Sherman z"l who won the same award in 2005.

“It is difficult to speak of Honey and Barry separately as together they were a formidable force. Together they possessed a passion and belief in the power of people to do good... to innovate in order to make the world a better place,” Julia explained. “And as Barry stated, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Honey was a driving force in keeping Jewish community front and centre.”

Julia also praised Honey for her vision, commitment and strength.

“Honey brought her insightful wisdom and pragmatic approach to every boardroom table she sat at. When she spoke, people paid attention because she had something of great value to impart. And even during the weeks when her throat could not utter a sound, her opinions were heard loud and clear. She had only 3 objectives: transparency, excellence and impact.”

The award was accepted by Honey and Barry’s four children: Lauren, Alex, Jon, and Kaelen. Jon, who spoke on behalf of his siblings, commemorated his parents' passion for the community and pledged that he and his siblings would remain steadfast in their support for the causes that were dear to their parents.

Both Honey and Barry will never be forgotten and through their children, their good work will live on.


13th Volunteer Awards Night


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