UJA organizing Toronto delegation for NYC's 50th Annual Celebrate Israel Pa

For the first time ever, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto is organizing a contingent to New York, New York for the 50th Annual Celebrate Israel Parade and you are welcome to join us.  

And, if you have family or friends living in the New York City Region, why not have the ultimate family reunion by joining us on Sunday, June 1st, and participate in this historic event?  Even if you don’t, why not come anyway and join the fun?  We especially want to connect to the many Torontonians, especially college students and young professionals, in the New York region and have them join us.  

Join the more than 100,000 proud participants who will be parading up Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in celebration of the Jewish state.  

Kicked off by the blowing of shofars, the Parade, witnessed by one million spectators, includes colorful floats, marching bands, celebrities, politicians, and various other participants.  

Chaired by Judy Bronfman, and with the help of our New York-based volunteer Naomi Matlow (naomimatlow@gmail.com), the Toronto contingent will have the opportunity to attend a mid-afternoon Israel Day music concert in honor of the day in Central Park and, as the sun sets, the Empire State Building also becomes part of the festivities when it is bathed in the blue and white colors of the Israeli flag.  “As Chair of Toronto’s inaugural participation in New York City’s 50 year old parade, I am both proud and challenged to lead this exciting initiative,” says Bronfman.  “I am excited by the opportunity to rally Torontonians studying in New York, young professionals working there and their parents in support of Israel and invite other Canadians to join us.  Our community has a great opportunity to create a new and exciting partnership with our neighbours.   It is a chance to experience firsthand that we are part of a wide and proud Jewish people.   We welcome all Canadians from both countries to join us as we parade through Manhattan on June 1st.”  

Details will follow soon as to when and where participants will meet to begin the parade together, under the Toronto banner, so be sure to register today!  

For more information or to register, contact Shimmy Wenner at 416.631.5699 or swenner@ujafed.org


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