Since 1988, some 100 Canadian Holocaust Survivors have traveled to Poland and Israel on the March of the Living along with approximately 13,000 Canadian participants, sharing their stories of love and loss, and the lessons of the Shoah, in the very places their painful experiences transpired.


Amek Adler z”l

Eliezer Ayalon z”l

Martin Baranek z”l

Joseph Betel z”l

Ernest Bloch z”l

Hedy Bohm

Howard Chandler

Judy Weissenberg Cohen

Berthe Cygelfarb

Max Eisen z”l

Irving Eisner

Anita Ekstein

Esther Fairbloom

Reny Friedman

Bill Glied z”l

Joe Gottdenker

Elly Gotz

Pinchas Gutter

Denise Hans

George Herczeg z”l

Mania Hudy

Howard Kleinberg z”l

Nancy Kleinberg z”l

Bronka Krygier z”l

Irene Kurtz

Joe Leinburd

Nate Leipciger

Alex Levin z”l

Faigie Libman

Joe Mandel

Henry Melnick Z”L

Georgine Nash

Sol Nayman

Susan Pasternak z’’l

Fanny Pillersdorf z”l

Tova Rogenstein z”l

Martha Shemtov

David Shentow z“l

Ernest Singer

Stefania Sitbon

Albert Sliwin

Inge Spitz z”l

Rita Starkman

Vivian Stockhamer

Sally Wasserman

Ernie Weiss z”l

Robert Weiss z”l

Helen Yermus

Kathleen Zahavi

Miriam Zakrojcyk

Roman Ziegler z”l


To make a donation in honour of any or all of our survivor educators online, simply click the survivor image above. You will be taken to their biography and a link to a donation page. to make a donation by phone, please contact the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto at 416-631-5703.

Your donation will support scholarships for students attending future March of the Living programs as well as enhancements to the program itself.


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