What Are the Past Coordinators Up to These Days?

Caroline Levine-Rosenberg, Coordinator Cohort 8

Since leaving Diller at the end of August, I was preparing for the arrival of my first child. She was born at the end of September and I have been taking the time to enjoy my maternity leave and this new chapter in my life!





Raquel Binder, Coordina

I’m currently working at a tech company called Jobber, as the Learning & Development Manager. Jobber is software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that supports small home-service business owners and is the second-fastest growing software company and one of Canada’s Top 10 Great Places to Work. What does being an L&D Manager mean? Well, my boss tells me that I get to help awesome people continue to be awesome. Essentially, I support our employees to help ensure that they are successful in their current roles and growing throughout their careers. This includes leadership development, training, and a large focus on performance management (everything from identifying skills gaps to creating plans to help employees grow into new roles within the company). I also work a lot on ensuring that our company culture and values are cultivated and that they grow with us. I do this through workshops, supporting new employees with an onboarding program, and LOTS of virtual and in-person coffees, just listening to what people want and how they feel. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to work with folks across the entire organization.

I can truly say that my time as a Diller Coordinator, and then as a Diller Mentor, really prepared me for this job. With Diller, and really with all of my time with Israel Engagement at UJA, I had the privilege of working with such amazing Fellows and colleagues. A highlight of my life in Diller was always supporting our Fellows with their education and career goals. It taught me the power of conversation, listening deeply, and leveraging those relationships to support everyone. I also learned a lot about how to build relationships with people across the globe. Since COVID-19 hit, these lessons have never been truer. The power of a (now virtual) coffee with my colleagues really can help build bridges and transcend our culture to home offices across the country. I’m forever grateful for what I learned in Diller and UJA, and those lessons have prepared me for a successful next step in my career. That being said, I do love hearing from my former Fellows all the time, so please keep reaching out!


Daniel Sourani, Coordinator Cohorts 1 & 2

I've been fortunate to have quite a few experiences in my career thus far and bringing the Diller Teen Fellows program to Toronto has certainly been of the highlights to-date. From humble beginnings (Cohort #1 was just nine Fellows strong!), we embarked on a mission of peoplehood to bring the best and brightest leaders from Toronto and across the globe together to envision what the future of the global Jewish community could look like. I learned so much from the hundreds of young leaders I met in the two years I spent leading the program in Toronto. These young leaders taught me how to embrace the complexity involved with our global identity, the varied manifestations of our shared culture and history, and the importance of reconciling disparate opinions when it comes to matters as important as our collective future. 

Seeing the program go into its ninth year means that almost 350 teens from Toronto and Eilat-Eilot have benefited from these experiences as well. Today, nothing makes me happier than the frequent requests I receive from past participants to act as a reference to some of the most prestigious schools, volunteer programs, and career opportunities across the globe, and I know that our shared time together in the Diller Teen Fellows program means a lifelong commitment to the Peoplehood project we embarked on almost a decade ago. 

Today, I work as the Senior Manager of Wealth Digital Innovation for TD Bank Group, where I oversee the bank's investment innovation mandate for leveraging technology to better equip Canadians with new tools and platforms in order to achieve their most important financial goals. I also volunteer as the vice-chair of the Board of Directors for Canadian Young Judaea, a national youth movement with eight partner summer camps from coast-to-coast.