Teen Spotlight: Abby Davis

Interested in Israel gap year programs, but not sure where to start?

This month, we’re featuring Abby Davis, whose gap year in Israel shaped her personal growth and strengthened her connection with her Jewish identity.

As a teen, Abby combined her passion for sports with her Jewish identity and participated in Maccabi Canada. After missing out on attending the Maccabi games in Israel due to COVID-19, she jumped on the opportunity to join Masa’s Aravim Israel gap year service program, which focuses on “Sherut Leumi” - Israel’s national program of social service. Abby spent her year volunteering in local Israeli communities and giving back to the community that shaped her and her family’s Jewish identity and connection.

Throughout the program, Abby had the opportunity to volunteer at several schools, where she formed close bonds with her students. As well, Abby had the opportunity to travel across Israel, immersing herself in Israeli culture and life. An enriching and rewarding experience, Aravim gave Abby a strong sense of accomplishment and purpose as she entered her first year of university. Now in her first year of her undergraduate degree at York University, Abby says that her gap year experience helped her feel much more connected with Israel and with her Jewish identity as a whole.


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