5 2016

The House: Having it All

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

To Be Announced
Toronto, ON

Contact Bonnie Oppenheimer

$ Cost $ 15.00


No one ever explained to her that having dependents also means having a strong sense of independence. Chances are, moms just know.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the unique choices women face when having children, and the strong fabric their experiences knit into our DNA in this follow-up to The House’s widely successful Yolk event.

Whether you've begun growing your family troupe, are starting to toy with the notion of parenthood, or are a staunch "can't you just put the baby in a sock drawer?" advocate, HAVING IT ALL makes good on its namesake with a diverse panel of women whose different approaches highlight the individuality behind every decision, every barrier and every victory we women encounter.

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