15 2023

JGS Toronto and Classi Lectures on Jewish Serbia and Romania

4:00PM - 5:00PM  

Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto P.O. Box 91006 2901 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M2K 2Y6

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Classi Lectures together with the Toronto Jewish Genealogical Society bring you
The Jews of the Balkans - The Jews of Serbia and Romania

Wednesday. 22 November at 4 pm ET with Joseph Benatov.

As part of our continued partnership with Classi Lectures, JGS Toronto members can attend the Joseph Benatov lecture at no cost. To discover how culture and learning unite through online lectures and in-person travels, please visit Classi Learning,

The Jewish Heritage of Serbia and Romania
How did a 19th-century Serbian Sephardic rabbi influence Theodor Herzl’s philosophy of Zionism?

What are the Neolog and Status Quo Ante strands in Judaism, and why were they so prevalent in both Romania and Serbia?

This lecture will cover these and many other highlights of Serbian and Romanian Jewish history.

Learn about the unique Maramures region of northwestern Romania, the birthplace of both Elie Wiesel and the Satmar Hasidic group. Our investigation of the Jewish heritage of Serbia and Romania will focus on the Jewish communities of Transylvania, Subotica, Novi Sad, and much more.

In the Jews of the Balkan series:
Nov. 15: The Jews of Bulgaria
Nov. 22: The Jews of Serbia and Romania

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Sponsor: Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto

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