About UJA


UJA Federation of Greater Toronto is the backbone of the Greater Toronto Area’s Jewish community. Thanks to our generous and visionary donors, UJA’s annual fundraising campaign raises in excess of $60 million, while our Jewish Foundation boasts more than $300 million in assets. With this incredible support, and with our network of more than 100 vital beneficiary agencies, schools and summer camps, UJA continues to assist our community’s most vulnerable; promote and support education; create vital Jewish identity programs for our young, provide Jewish advocacy and Israel engagement, build infrastructure, and much more.

Our Mission


UJA Federation's mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality of Jewish life in Greater Toronto, Canada, Israel and around the world through philanthropic, volunteer and professional leadership. Year after year, UJA’s Annual Campaign - which raises approximately $60 million annually - allows UJA to care for our most vulnerable; build and strengthen Jewish identity and education, invest in Israel and overseas, and promote Jewish/Israel advocacy, while also creating infrastructure throughout the GTA that serves not only the Jewish community, but the community-at-large.​

Our Vision


To lead the most vibrant Jewish community in North America - a community characterized by its diversity, unity, compassion, generosity and commitment to Israel and Jewish values.


Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors


UJA Federation’s Corporate Partners Program provides sponsors with the opportunity to join UJA in offering vital support to thousands of people in need, while enjoying exposure in various publications and events. Through this important partnership, corporate Canada and UJA are building a stronger community together, as well as exemplify how the corporate world and non-profit organizations can come together for the benefit of others. Learn more