Vail Daly letter: Israel simply helps Haiti

It's true that Israel has accomplished a miraculous medical and rescue effort in a very short time. But in my opinion, they have missed the real story about Israel's and the IDF's (Israel Defense Forces) moral capacity.

Last November, only three months ago, Haiti joined the Israel bashing at the United Nations and voted in favor of adopting the infamous Goldstone Report. That report condemned Israel's and its defense forces for “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” for the crime of defending itself against for eight years of rocket attacks from Gaza. Even Goldstone himself said, “Very little in that report would hold up in a court of law.”

But does Israel hold a grudge? No!

Instead this humanitarian and moral country sent to Haiti within 24 hours:

1. A medical and rescue team of over 200 members.

2. Set up a field hospital, the only one with the ability to perform surgery.

3. Set up a communication center for use by all rescue teams.

In addition, according to Col. Dr. Izik Reis, the IDF delegation is giving assistance to people from emergency crews from all over the world who simply are not capable of dealing with everyone who needs help and giving them treatment.” Col. Reis added, “We have all the necessary equipment here, it is exactly like a hospital in Israel.”

Giving emergency help is what many countries are doing, but Israel is giving even more. Israel is setting an example of morality. She is truly a “light unto the nations” ... that even though Haiti sided against Israel just a few months ago, Israel responded with utmost speed to the desperate need. This clearly shows a magnificent devotion to mankind, which hopefully will be emulated by all countries someday!

Mikki Futernick

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