Over $200,000 Raised for Haiti Earthquake Victims

IsraAID is a coordinating body of Israeli and Jewish NGOs in Israel that that has provided humanitarian aid worldwide. United Jewish Appeal has previously supported IsraAID’S work following the Peru Earthquake, on the border of Darfur, following the earthquake in Pakistan and after Hurricane Katrina, in addition to disaster relief following the cyclone in Burma and the typhoon in the Philippines.

The 15 member IsraAID team is currently working at the site of the collapsed central hospital in Port-au-Prince where thousands of wounded have gathered desperate for help.
"We saw people everywhere on the floors in the building and outside, people with amputations and bone-deep wounds, hundreds of them, the size of the catastrophe is unbelievable. Until we arrived, all of the injured were treated by only one local doctor and we were the first foreign backup team to operate in the hospital," said IsraAID volunteer nurse Sheva Cohen.

IsraAID personnel are also present in the airport to assist local NGO partners with logistical support for relief items that continue to arrive.

Donations to United Jewish Appeal’s Hope for Haiti Disaster Relief Fund can be made through www.ujadonations.com/haiti  or by calling 416-631-5705. 100% of the funds raised are being directed to IsraAID. Donations to United Jewish Appeal’s Hope for Haiti Disaster Relief Fund are eligible to be matched by the Canadian government. Matching dollars will be allocated to Canada’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto is the central Jewish community organization in Toronto.


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