IsraAID team administers emergency medical aid to 2,000 people in local sta

The 15 members of the team have been asked by Operation Blessing, its partner on the ground, to operate in a local football stadium where over 2,000 injured people have been gathering who are in need of emergency medical aid. Upon arrival, the team was greeted by thousands of wounded people, and more started to arrive as word spread that a medical team was in place and treating people.

"The situation is horrible, there is no doctor in sight, people are hungry and wounded.  There are constant waves of injured people coming to the stadium" said Alan Schneider, a delegation member.  

Due to the growing need for assistance, IsraAID/FIRST will be sending an additional team of 12 medical and logistical staff during the coming weekend into the field to increase the ability to respond to the emergency. Medical and other urgent supplies will be purchased in the Dominican Republic and some of the items arriving from the US will be used as well. 


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