IsraAID expands its relief operations, as a second medical team departs for

Amidst the chaos of the international humanitarian response, word has spread about the successes of the IsraAID medical team operating out of the Sylvio Cator National Soccer Stadium in Port au-Prince.  Following rapid assessments, the IsraAID team decided to position itself in an open-aired stadium where thousands of victims of the earthquake had sought refuge.

While IsraAID/FIRST teams worked around the clock to provide life-saving treatment, several NGOs and medical teams from France and the US joined the relief efforts, bringing the number of medical stations operating simultaneously in the stadium to a total of 14.  The partnerships and pooled resources, orchestrated by IsraAID/FIRST, have meant that more locals have access to urgently needed medical care. To date, well over 1,300 people have been treated and several serious cases were transferred to the IDF Field Hospital.  Each day over 100 people were treated.

"The scene here is like a war-zone," describes Allan Schneider, an IsraAID member who is currently on the ground in Haiti.” After rounding up supplies at the airport - still a chaotic affair –we saw some teams already packing up to leave the country.  Our team arrived at the stadium and began to treat the victims. Men, women, and children - a non-ending stream of misery and pain, destitute people who were dealt yet another devastating blow. The fact that our clinic is by now well established, serving as a magnate to local and other international teams who joined our initiative at the stadium, is proof that our mission - to jump into the breach, saving as many lives as possible under the conditions - has been achieved.”

IsraAID is currently working in partnership with other international teams to assess the situation in the surrounding hill area and to determine the medical needs on the ground including post-trauma interventions and with the movement of victims to refugee camps the purchase of additional relief items to sustain them.


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