UJA Genesis Business Network UJA Genesis Business Network

Why UJA Genesis Business Network?

When you join the UJA Genesis Business Network, you become part of a group of fellow professionals who are maximizing their community impact and giving back in many ways. Whether through your time, goods, services, or monetary donations, every gift makes a meaningful difference.

How to get involved


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// Volunteer at UJA Genesis initiatives

// Plan a volunteer initiative specific to your company


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// Sponsor a specific initiative

// Sponsor one element of a specific initiative


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// Donate products to a specific initiative

// Offer services for a specific initiative


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// Contribute your company’s expertise for a specific initiative

Benefits of being involved

By joining the Genesis Business Network, you will have:

// Access to a network of like-minded professionals and meaningful networking events

// Opportunities to support the Jewish community in a hands-on way

// Access to tailored or ready-made corporate social responsibility projects to amplify your employee engagement

// Opportunities to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment for Jewish employees and colleagues through assisted development of employee resource groups

Sign up to be a member

For more information, please contact Alex at agnat@ujafed.org