Derek Ratcliffe

Derek Ratcliffe is not satisfied with the dramatic increase in availability of organic produce at local grocery stores in recent years; he’d rather step into his yard when he wants veggies for one of his recipes.  


He and Evy started At Home Organic Farms because they knew that people were purchasing an increasing amount of organic produce in stores and could not understand why they were not growing their own. When they started doing research, they discovered that in almost every country in the world, people grew their own organic food, but in the GTA, there were very few home gardens. They decided that statistic had to change and they knew they could help. With their years of experience in lawn care and their extensive experience with their own gardens, they knew they could get others started too!  They design, build and maintain new gardens or help transform existing ones and can have someone eating from their own backyard organic veggie garden in as little as 3 weeks!  So check out the recipes in Bathurst Street Kitchen, and when you find one you want to try, consider providing the produce from your very own garden!


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