Saving lives and removing the stigma of addiction

Rami Elzas is an example of how UJA Federation is helping to transform lives and improve the wellbeing of those in the community. He is one of many people in the Jewish community who has been battling a drug addiction for years. Most people who suffer are embarrassed to get help because of the stigma attached to addiction. UJA Federation is proud to work with Jewish Addiction Community Services (JACS) to remove the stigma and provide support to those dealing with addiction. JACS supports teens, adults, and family members who are dealing with drug/alcohol/gambling/technology or abuse problems. Individual and group help is available Monday-Friday. JACS is one of dozens of social service agencies supported by UJA Federation, thanks to your generous donations. Rami’s story is just one of countless examples of how, together, we are changing and saving lives. We are grateful Rami has shared his story in the hopes it will inspire others to receive help. Thank you for your bravery, Rami!


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