PJ Library: Investing in Our Jewish Future

PJ Library sends free Jewish children's books and CD’s to families across the world every month. 

The brainchild of American Jewish philanthropist Harold Grinspoon, PJ Library is now operating in over 200 communities across North America and in a dozen countries around the world.

PJ Library is already succeeding to identify and engage hundreds of young Jewish families in Toronto in joyful Jewish life. For the last six years, PJ Library has bridged the growing gap between modern generations and our ancient legacies – with books. PJ Library sends the gift of free Jewish-themed books to nearly 5,200 young Jewish families in Toronto every month - that’s a whopping 54% of young Jewish families in Toronto!

The impact has been astounding, here are some numbers:


Learn more at: https://www.cjetoronto.com/pjlibrary





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