Urgent Reminder: Fire Safety During Hanukkah

During Hanukkah, there is a heightened risk of tragedy as community members light candles in their homes.

Here are eight ways of ensuring you have a safe Hanukkah celebration:

  1. Never leave a lit Hanukkiah unattended. Fires can start quickly and spread fast, so always ensure at least one adult is present in the room with a lit Hanukkiah.
  2. Ensure you leave the Hanukkiah on a stable and fireproof surface. This will reduce the risks of the Hanukkiah tipping or getting knocked over, and if it does, will ensure it doesn’t fall onto a flammable object like a rug or papers. Place the Hanukkiah over a marble, glass, or metal surface.
  3. Keep the Hanukkiah away from any flammable materials. For instance, drapes, books or magazines.
  4. Never leave children alone and unattended with a lit Hanukkiah. This will reduce the chances of an accident.
  5. Supervise children lighting a Hanukkiah. A common form of celebration is to allow children to light the Hanukkiah. Ensure an adult is present when this occurs.
  6. Do not walk around carrying a lit Hanukkiah. There is a chance you could trip and fall or drop the Hanukkiah, risking a fire.
  7. Ensure pets stay away from the Hanukkiah. Be vigilant with a lit Hanukkiah around pets so that, for example, the family dog doesn’t jump and knock it over.
  8. Know your family’s fire exit plan, as well as the location of fire extinguishers in your home. If your family does not have a fire exit plan, be sure to have that conversation so every family member is aware of what to do in case of fire. Ensure your fire extinguishers are in good working condition.