UJA’s Genesis launches 2015 Career Mentorship Program

This week marks the launch of the Genesis one-on-one career mentorship program. Genesis had previously conducted 3 pilot programs including 45 mentees which has set the ground for this expanded program. The mentorship program aims to match Greater Toronto Area Jewish young adults with mentors who are experienced industry leaders from a range of professions and industries who have demonstrated proven success and excellence in their field. In their role, mentors guide and support mentees in their career and personal development. The program is bolstered by innovative programs to enhance professional and personal growth. Mentees are in late stages of their education or in early stages of their career, generally in the mid 20’s through mid 30’s age range.


“Genesis’ focus is to be the central address for innovative opportunities in the Toronto Jewish community. Our aim with the mentorship program is to make high impact matches between mentees and leaders in our community” said Alana Kayfetz, the new Director of the Genesis program. “This is our gift to and our investment in the next generation” remarked Cheryl Reicin, senior partner at Torys LLP and the chair of the Genesis board. Reicin continued, “Our community is chock full of career and personal success stories; and we are asking these community members for their most scarce asset: their time. It's uplifting to see how many busy people are enthusiastically committed to this effort.”


Genesis will be accepting 20 mentees in the fall cohort. Mentees matched through the Career Mentoring program meet their mentors in-person for a minimum of four (4) times over the course of a one-year period. Pairs can decide if they would like to schedule additional in-person, phone, email, or FaceTime meetings.


If you would like more information about the program or any details regarding the upcoming Genesis program calendar, visit www.ujagenesis.com.





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