UJA responds to Jewish poverty with Global Seder to Fight Hunger

For thousands of Jews in Toronto and around the world, poverty and hunger will define the way they celebrate Passover this year. In response, UJA has launched an annual initiative called Global Seder to Fight Hunger. Money raised from UJA's Global Seder to fight hunger ensures that Jews living in Toronto, Israel, Cuba and the Former Soviet Union (FSU) can celebrate Passover in dignity with a Seder table filled with food.

We are pleased to report that over 2400 people in our community have already given to UJA's Global Seder this year. With Passover just one week away, there is still time to contribute. You could be the change that helps put food on a Jewish family's Seder table. Dollars raised through the Global Seder support UJA Campaign allocated programs and services in Toronto, Cuba, Israel and the Former Soviet Union.

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