UJA Genesis Mobilizes Vaccine Registration Assistance Program







Local hospitals are encouraging COVID-19 vaccine pre-registration for residents aged 80 and over.

Community members who meet eligibility requirements may register here: www.vaccineto.ca/sites.

UJA Genesis is working to ensure every vulnerable community member can access a vaccine. If you or someone you know—a family member, friend, or neighbour—is eligible to register but has difficulty using or accessing technology, we’re here to assist!

To get in touch:

  • Call our Vaccine Registration Assistance Hotline at 416-636-5813

With the support of our incredible phone tree staffed by hundreds of volunteers, we are reaching out to ensure at-risk seniors in our community know how to register for a vaccine. Can you spare a few hours? Join us and help protect lives! Click HERE to register to volunteer for our phone tree.

While UJA can assist those in need with registering, please note that we don’t have special access to vaccine supplies or information on delivery timelines other than what is publicly available. We encourage you to click here for more details on Ontario's vaccine rollout.

The information on this article in no way replaces the opinion of a health professional. If you have questions concerning your health status, consult a professional.