Security Update: “Ride for Gaza”

We are writing to follow up our recent message regarding a “Ride for Gaza” announced by anti-Israel activists for Saturday afternoon.

As we shared yesterday, the route for this demonstration was originally advertised as running from Pickering across Sheppard Avenue to Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

We can confirm that the event organizers have announced they are changing their intended route. Rather than driving along Sheppard to Yorkdale, the “Ride” will proceed from Pickering to a demonstration at Nathan Phillips Square downtown.

Regardless of this one event, there is always a potential for anti-Israel activists to conduct provocative actions against our community. We remain in close communication with law enforcement. From the beginning of Hamas’ attacks on Israel, we have emphasized to police our concerns regarding community safety, hate speech, and incitement.

Police have confirmed they will be present to monitor and ensure public safety at the upcoming Nathan Phillips Square protest. Police have also shared they will continue to have a significant presence in Jewish neighbourhoods throughout the weekend, consistent with their approach over the past three weeks.

We encourage community members to continue to exercise heightened vigilance and awareness.

If you see something, say something. Please call 911 in an emergency. When safe, security incidents or concerning rumours should be reported to UJA Community Security.

Shabbat Shalom,

UJA Community Security