New Students at TanenbaumCHAT Benefit from Tuition Cut

For our community, this time of year provides an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the year that has passed, and look ahead to our responsibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.  This time of year is also marked by welcoming families back to our schools with excitement and enthusiasm for the new school year.  This year is marked by new growth and sustained participation at some of our most important institutions.

UJA believes the opportunity for a Jewish education is our shared duty, and fundamental to the future vibrancy and vitality of our community.  We’re delivering on this commitment by providing Jewish day school families meaningful tuition reductions through direct grants. This past year, we took that a step further, and, thanks to generous gifts from the Jesin Neuberger Foundation and an anonymous donor cut student tuition at TanenbaumCHAT by nearly $10,000 annually.

I’m excited to acknowledge that 40 new students have enrolled in TanenbaumCHAT since the gifts that were announced - students who otherwise would not have enrolled in the school. And 90% of students at the North Campus re-enrolled to attend the unified Campus – virtually the same rate as previous years.

TanenbaumCHAT is also seeing more students benefit from a Jewish Education because of this tuition cut, including more students transitioning from elementary school to high school than in previous years, and enrollment numbers consistently beating internal projections, in fact: TanenbaumCHAT is North America’s largest Jewish community high school.

UJA is proud to support families and students with tuition grants, ensuring the opportunity for a Jewish education to the highest number of students.


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