Minister of Science visits Sderot Science Center

With the support of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, and as part of a wider strategic approach around STEM education as an engine for socio-demographic change, the city of Sderot has established a new science center which is ready for operation in the 2018–2019 school year. The center will serve as the region's leading 'one stop shop' for a wide range of programs, initiatives and transformative platforms and spaces and serve children and youth, educators, educational organizations and schools, higher education students and institutions and entrepreneurs. In partnership with UJA, the city is striving to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge, best practices, infrastructure and human capital that was developed through UJA’s previous investments in STEM education, and leverage them into positioning Sderot as a regional hub and focal point for STEM excellence.

On January 1, 2019, Minister of Science Ofir Akunis visited the center and met with local youth. During the visit. Mayor of Sderot Alon Davidi commented:

"With the opening of the science center, our children will enjoy a wide range of learning and enrichment opportunities. The center includes open classrooms in the Goga method and work laboratories that will be used by all the schools and all the students in the city. It encourages excellence and exposure to the worlds of science and technology and provides tools for the development of creative thinking. In addition, the Center will offer subsidized courses and classes for children and youth of all ages, on robotics, astronomy, cyber, logic, mathematical thinking and English and will serve as a home for applied science and state-of-the-art technologies and techniques. I would like to thank the partners in this amazing project – the Ministry of Science and Technology, headed by Minister Ofir Akunis and UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and JFC-UIA, who are true partners in the project and many projects in the city.”