Community Security and Rumours

We are writing in response to a rumour circulating about antisemites/Hamas supporters "dressed as rabbis" going around the community.


UJA Community Security immediately contacted police leadership when we saw these reports. Police have confirmed there is nothing to substantiate the rumour.


Please bear in mind that circulating unverified security information on social media can have unintended consequences. It does not replace reporting concerns to police.


When UJA Community Security shares information on threats or developments, we do so via this email distribution list and when warranted on UJA Federation’s social media accounts. If you receive information allegedly from us in another unofficial format—such as a message from a friend on social media or Whatsapp—it should be considered unverified. Please check your email account (and spam folder) before sharing such messages.


We encourage everyone to exercise heightened vigilance, and reiterate that police have not advised of a specific, local threat to our community at this time.


If you see something, please say something. In an emergency, call 911.


Thank you and Shabbat Shalom,


UJA Community Security