Book Talks: Authors Speaking about Their Books

In a small room off a banquet hall in Montreal, Lily Kramer sat in silence with her new husband.  It was summer and the room was hot.  There were no windows and no door, only a curtain beyond which the guests – almost none of who she knew – washed down sponge cake and herring with shots of schnapps and vodka.

So begins Nancy Richler’s award winning novel “The Imposter Bride” as we learn about Lily and what happened to the young woman whose identity she stole.

This book is the first in a series of Book Talks: Authors Speaking about Their Books presented by UJA Women’s Philanthropy.  

All three books deal with issues of Jewish identity, Jewish community and finding our way through a challenging world.

“Book Talks stemmed from a passion I have of reading and sharing great books and authors with my friends,” explains Faith Sherman, Chair of Book Talks, along with Leslie Flatt. “Reading a great book allows you to become a fly on the wall; to become immersed in new situations surrounded by people you’ve never had the opportunity to meet.  Book Talks is a perfect marriage between compelling novels and engaging authors - empowering women to delve deeper into stories and emerge with new insights.”

” I am excited to be in on the ground floor launching a meaningful and educational program for women through UJA,” says Flatt. “My hope is that Book Talks will engage women from all walks of UJA and form a new community within UJA. A community of women who are interested in books, in ideas, in intellectual stimulation, and in opening their minds to learn about various parts of our history or about life in different cultures and societies in order to better understand and to keep in touch with the world.” 

Book Talks: Authors Speaking about Their Books kicks off on Wednesday, October 21 with Nancy Richler discussing her “The Imposter Bride.”

On January 18, 2016 author Alison Pick will discuss her courageous memoir, “Between Gods”, followed by an evening  with Kathy Kacer as she speaks about her book “Restitution” taking place on May 11.

Participants can sign up for the 3-part series or for individual sessions.  Click here for complete program information.



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