A Life-Changing Journey to Poland and Israel

“The whole journey is so memorable that it can’t be replaced by any book or movie,” is what Kim Godfrey shared when asked about her experience as a chaperone on the 2023 March of the Living High School program.

Her participation was the fulfilment of a long-held desire to go on the March of the Living and encounter this dark part of our history firsthand. “To be there, to see it, and to hear the stories from the survivors is just something that is irreplaceable,” she explained. “And to be a chaperone really heightens the experience, to get to see the teens learning.” 

Chaperones are a crucial part of the High School program, accompanying Grade 11 and 12 students throughout the journey—from the chilling forests of Poland to the vibrant streets of Israel. They experience all that the trip has to offer, while helping guide and mentor teens throughout. “I’m an educator, and being a chaperone meant I could bring what I saw back with me and share it with children at my school,” Kim shared.

Kim had an incredible time on her trip—building close relationships with the students, her fellow chaperones, and the survivors who accompanied them. “When anyone asks what it was like being a chaperone, I always say I would do it again. I really think the experience was so memorable and special.”


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