We make it easy. Grants are available to help you get the experience you want in more affordable ways.

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Masa Scholarships

Masa Israel works to make it as easy as possible for Jewish young adults to come to Israel. They offer grants and/or scholarships to help make the experience more affordable, and collect information about other grants and scholarships available for long-term Israel programs from third party organizations. Masa provides every eligible participant a grant towards participating in a program in Israel. Grant amounts are determined by factors such as age, home country, length of program, etc. In addition, need-based scholarships are available.  Visit Website

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Ezer Mizion Scholarships

Ezer Mizion partners with individuals who are serious about participating in educational programs in Israel and help them raise the funds needed to attend their chosen program. Their fundraising efforts will not only benefit students by helping them get to Israel, but it will fill our scholarship fund, which will then be disbursed to students in need of a scholarship. Remaining funds from our scholarship pool will be put towards the processing of DNA testing to grow our Bone Marrow Registry, helping to save lives around the world.  Visit Website

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