In an inclusive Jewish community where people of all abilities fully participate in educational, spiritual, communal, social and recreational activities.


We are made rich through our diversity. Each member of our community contributes something unique and important. The Torah teaches that we are all created “b’Tzelem Elohim” in the image of God. Our community embraces the humanity and dignity of all people. Inclusion is about embedding respect zeh l’zeh – for one another – into everything that we do.


ITANU Toronto is the Inclusion Initiative of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto


To remove barriers faced by people with disabilities and their families from organizations, programs, facilities, and services

To be intentionally inclusive, so that we avoid being unintentionally exclusive

To lead and promote full participation in Jewish life for people with disabilities and their families within the Jewish community

To promote and develop models and champions of barrier-free life

To develop new initiatives to promote inclusion

To support and develop a matrix of resources through partnerships with individuals and organizations

To seek guidance and direction from people with disabilities in our work