26 2018

Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) - Women of Action Luncheon

11:30AM - 2:00PM  

Fairmont Royal York Hotel 100 Front Street West
Toronto, ON M5J 1E3

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The Women of Action Award recognizes outstanding individuals who have made a difference through their achievements, leadership and dedication in the business, medical and philanthropic communities, bringing the very best standards of life to our society.

These women excel in their fields and represent a strong sense of their chosen professions and an equally strong compassion for humanitarian causes, by distinguishing themselves as truly charitable and benevolent people.

Since its beginning in 2002, Women of Action has proudly funded over 50 Israeli scientists and raised over $3,500,000 CDN toward research in various fields such as pediatric bone cancer, colorectal cancer, cancer therapies, tumour growth inhibition, and biological processes such as DNA-repair and programmed cell death, in the hope that these scientists will contribute to the treatment and eventual eradication of a complex and life-threatening disease.

Every year, by honouring such deserving and inspiring women with this award, ICRF raises money and awareness for a cause that has had proven results. These women are mentors and motivate a community with their fearlessness, drive and kindness. They lead by example. This includes their support of cancer research and the ultimate goal: find a cure for cancer.