21 2018

Eye On Israel: Sandstorm

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Holy Blossom Temple 1950 Bathurst Street

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Holy Blossom Centre for Arts & Culture presents:
Eye on Israel: Sandstorm

Enjoy the Film with our Shinshinim, Noa Gordon and Ido Mordechay, and Dr. Gillian Helfield

In a Bedouin village in southern Israel, Jalila prepares to host an awkward celebration: the marriage of her husband to a second (and noticeably younger) wife. Stoically concealing her inner turmoil while trying to maintain tradition, Jalila will brook no nonsense from any of her daughters on a day when the eyes of the entire village are upon them. But when Jalila discovers that her eldest, Layla, is involved in a clandestine relationship with a boy at school, all her suppressed emotion finds an outlet.