Torat Chessed #2 - Becoming a Mentor

By Penina Basser

At Torat Chessed, we spend our time volunteering at the EMUNAH Bet Elazraki Children’s Home. It is a warm and loving home for over 200 children at risk in Netanya. The children, aged 6-19, from all over Israel, are referred to the home by the welfare authorities because their parents are unable to raise them due to severe health, social or economic problems.

Every afternoon we dedicate our time to the children at the Bet Elazraki children’s home. We become their counselors, mentors, and friends. I learn every day with incredibly relatable and insightful teachers who individualize our learning and help us grow. Working with my kids is not only a chessed for them, but …for myself, as they teach me incredible lessons about overcoming struggles and being happy with what you have.

In addition, our bond to Eretz Yisrael is enhanced through working hand in hand with 50 dedicated B’not Sherut- Israeli girls our age spending their year in national service.