Project TEN - Hudson

"For me, Project TEN was a spontaneous, outdoor heaven!"

Before joining Project TEN I was in high school in Canada and was involved in many ecological programs and volunteering in my community. I wanted something to do far from home and project TEN was an affordable option that allowed me to be outside and give back in meaningful ways.

It was an absolutely incredible environment to grow spiritually and be involved in small town life. I most enjoyed the work in Kabiye school (in the Bedouin Village) and learned so much about how I think and how to form connections in strange situations and without a language in common. The mentality I have formed here will stay with me for a long time and it has shown me a good option of things I enjoy a lot.

The group was so cool and diverse and provided so many different opinions and unique connections. It was hard to deal at first with the high energy Israelis but I learned to love it. The program was a great fit for me! it was so amazing and completely different than my expectations!

I really enjoy Israel! I think it is an amazing place and 5 months would have been a great amount of time to bond with the group if COVI-19 didn't interfere but it still was a great time to be away from home and we do so much that time flies by so fast. I went camping in the desert by Mitzpe which was insane and went to Tel Aviv for pride parade which was also so much fun. Before coming, I had no Hebrew experience and now I can make small talk. My Hebrew skills also benefited greatly from the Shin Shin (Shnat Sherut, pre army volunteer year) Girls who were part of our cohort. It was very nice to be in Israel because they got COVID-19 under control, it was almost like living without COVID."


-Hudson Kennedy, Kitchener, Ontario