Jewish Resilience & The Arts

Jewish Resilience & The Arts


Friday, June 7,
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM





The dramatic rise in antisemitism is affecting us all, and it’s having an impact on arts and culture. To combat this threat, we want to build a path forward with unity and advocacy.


Join us for a one-hour webinar tackling antisemitism through an arts and culture lens. This webinar is open to artists, patrons of the arts, cultural professionals, students in the arts, fellow arts advocates, and all those interested in supporting the arts through these challenging times. Together with a UJA advocacy professional, the group will begin to explore ways to deal effectively with current issues in the arts community. Ontario Arts Council CEO Michael Murray will discuss the OAC’s work in addressing antisemitism in the arts.


Friday, June 7, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM



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Michael Murray

Michael was appointed CEO of the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) in July 2022. He brings wide-ranging leadership experience in the professional not-for-profit arts sector and cultural industries provincially, nationally, and internationally. His full bio is here.

Sam Mogelonsky

Sam is a Toronto-based artist, curator, and cultural professional with 15+ years in the sector. As UJA’s Director of Arts, Culture & Heritage, her work supports our partners in the arts with a focus on exploring Jewish identity.

Jonathan Zaid

Jonathan is UJA’s Associate Director of Community Mobilization to Combat Antisemitism. He brings 10+ years’ experience as a global leader recognized for shaping policy and mobilizing communities.