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Israel in Focus: High School Community Program 2024

May 6 - June 13


In celebration of UJA’s 55th annual Walk with Israel, UJA Genesis and Israel Engagement present Israel in Focus: High School Community Program. This program will take place mostly online and will also include two in-person opportunities, one being a hands-on volunteering at the Walk with Israel. Students will engage with an e-learning platform where they will go through the curriculum on their own time. Topics and activities are designed for high school students to gain a deeper understanding of how Israel connects to the Jewish community in Toronto.

Participants in the program can obtain 18 community service hours through hands-on volunteer opportunities at the Walk with Israel, as well as fundraising for programs that support initiatives in our partner communities in Israel.

The deadline to apply is April 19th


    • // Gain a deeper understanding of the connection and relationship between Toronto and Israel
    • // Provide exploration into your own relationship with Israel
    • // Volunteer with your local Jewish community through participation in UJA’s Walk with Israel
    • // Learn about program opportunities in Israel available through UJA’s Israel Engagement
    • // Fundraise for UJA funded Israel initiatives


    • // Are in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12
    • // Able to complete all course material in a timely manner
    • // Have a willingness to participate in hands-on volunteering
    • // Are interested in exploring Israel’s contemporary landscape
    • // Previous participants are encouraged to reapply as program content has been updated

    • // Complete 90 minutes of online course material each week
    • // Complete 2 hours of fundraising per week for programs in UJA’s partners communities in Israel
    • // Volunteer in-person at UJA’s Walk with Israel event on Sunday, June 9, 2024
    • // Attend the in-person session on Thursday, May 9, 2024