200 Wilmington Ave.
Toronto, ON M3H 5J8

Kelly Michaelov
P: (416) 636-5984
F: (416) 636-5755

TanenbaumCHAT is Canada's largest private high school, the Diaspora's largest Jewish community high school, and is widely acknowledged as an educational and professional leader among Jewish schools worldwide.

Our atmosphere of excellence, Jewish pluralism, and belonging draws Jewish youth from across all religious, cultural and economic streams. We are a true community school.  

Admission to TanenbaumCHAT is open to all students who meet its entrance requirements. Currently, TanenbaumCHAT serves approximately 900 students.  

For over 50 years, TanenbaumCHAT has educated thousands of students, helping them to live their Jewish identity and to better shape their understanding of Jewish life, in a successful academic program. We provide the motivation, knowledge and skills to help students explore and intensify their involvement with Judaism and Jewish life. We cultivate confidence and leadership through extensive extracurricular programs.

Our students build lifelong friendships that provide lasting community networks.

Rhona Birenbaum, Executive Director

Rabbi Jonathan Levy, Head of School


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