Reena Foundation

1 Promenade Circle
Suite 308
Thornhill, ON L4J 4P8

Sheila Miller (Executive Director)
P: 905.763.8254

For over 40 years Reena has been improving the lives of those with developmental disabilities within a framework of Jewish culture and values. This history and success is because of the quality of service that is provided. Reena focuses on individual abilities, creating customized plans for each person; setting goals and working towards achieving them.

Reena meets the diverse needs of children, youth and adults by offering a wide range of programs that promote dignity, independence and personal growth. Reena focuses first and foremost on building inclusion and access in the community; working with businesses and other organizations to provide employment and volunteering opportunities. Reena is out in the community bridging the gap for those with developmental disabilities.

The need for Reena has never been greater. The waitlist for supports in Ontario is growing. According to the Provincial Network on Developmental Services, nearly 12,000 people are waiting for residential care and another 6,000 are waiting for services that will provide community based programs, job training and help at home.

Reena is responding to this challenge by developing new supports in the areas of housing, employment and aging. But the need is still great and individuals with developmental disabilities continue to go without help. With your support we can do more.

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