Masorti Canada - MERCAZ Canada

55 Yeomans Road
Toronto, ON M3H 3J7

Rabbi Jennifer Gorman
P: (416) 667-1717
F: (416) 667-1881

Affiliated with MERCAZ Olami, the international umbrella for Masorti/Conservative Judaism. Membership costs $14 per adult and $9 for students ages 18-25

MERCAZ-CANADA is the Zionist voice of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Canada, representing the interests of Masorti/Conservative Judaism within the major Canadian and World Zionist organizations.

Our objectives are: -To promote and support education and programs regarding Israeli Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Canada -To foster the development of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Israel -To reaffirm commitment to pluralism in Jewish religious life, ensuring Masorti/Conservative Jews feel free to practice Judaism equally with other religious factions -Providing support through scholarships to youth and young adults for Masorti/Conservative educational trips to Israel.  

Rabbi Jennifer Gorman (Executive Director),, and Beverlee Swayze (Office Assistant), The president is David Sefton.


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