Jewish Bucharian Centre of Toronto North

144 Birch Avenue
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 6C7

Rabbi Yakov Malaev
P: 416.835.8579

The Jewish Bukharian Community of Toronto (JBCT) was formally inaugurated in April of 2003 to serve the needs of the growing Jewish Bukharian community in the Greater Toronto Area. It evolved from, and was built on, the groundwork laid down by the Centre of Bukharian Jews, a committee established in 1998 to unite the fragmentary Jewish Bukharian community of the GTA. Its mandate was the preservation of Bukharian culture amid the difficulties of immigration.

Initially, the Centre of Bukharian Jews worked alongside the Jewish Russian Community Centre (JRCC) and was based on the premises of the JRCC. By 2003, with the help of an international institution called Shaarei Zion, the Bukharian community of the GTA welcomed the arrival of a Bukharian Rabbi from Israel. Moving to its own premises at the Sephardic Kehilla Centre, the Jewish Bukharian Community of Toronto was officially established.

Today, the mission of the JBCT continues to follow the original blueprint laid down in its early days: preserving the beautiful customs of the Bukharian people, maintaining a pride in our culture, educating the younger generation, uniting the community and absorbing new immigrants into the fold.

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