Canadian Friends Of Yad Sarah

788 Marlee Avenue
Suite 314
Toronto, ON M6B 3K1

Arlene Weisbart (Executive Director)
P: (416) 781-6416

Supports Yad Sarah, Israel's volunteer network of homecare support services with over 6,000 volunteers in 85 branches across Israel.​

Yad Sarah's mission is to keep the ill and the elderly in their homes and out of institutions as long as possible. Home care in the natural environment of the family is most conducive to healthy recuperation, both physically and emotionally. It also costs both the family and the State considerably less.  

If anyone with a disability wants to travel to Israel, the necessary medical equipment can be arranged at their hotel or apartment.  

Sends tribute cards and have beautifully hand painted and filled Tea Boxes for are made by clients and volunteers at Yad Sarah. All donations receive a tax deductible receipt.  

Contacts:  Ronald Rutman (Advisor)  Arlene Weisbart (Executive Director)

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