Bialik Hebrew Day School - Ben & Edith Himel Education Centre

180 Ilan Ramon Boulevard
Vaughan L6A 4P6

Beverley Young (Branch Principal)
P: (905) 417-3737
F: (905) 417-0606

As the Jewish Day School for Today’s Generation, Bialik empowers our students to:

  • Experience limitless and inspiring possibilities for excellence and achievement
  • Engage in Jewish learning within a modern environment of religious freedom
  • Develop a lasting commitment to Jewish values, Peoplehood and the State of Israel

Bialik students crave learning and understanding. They always see the possibilities for academic achievement and engage in learning without bounds. Through inquiry and discovery, students gain the skills they need to succeed, including applied expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Our students uniquely learn four languages, providing numerous cognitive advantages from sharpened memory to improved decision-making skills.

Students are imbued with a positive Jewish identity based on values, knowledge and experience. They engage with Judaism in the 21st century. They are taught to be independent Jewish thinkers, making clear connections between the past, present and future. Students learn the Jewish values of mutual respect and Tzedakkah. They are keenly aware of the centrality of Israel to Jewish life, develop a strong sense of community, and feel united with Israel and the Jewish people.

The Bialik Experience is one-of-a-kind. To learn more, contact our Director of Admissions, Danielle Waltman at 416.783.3346 ext. 285 or 

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