Beth Jacob Synagogue (Hamilton)

375 Aberdeen Ave
Hamilton, ON L8P 2R7

Shira Kates, Synagogue Manager
P: 905.522.1351

Beth Jacob Synagogue is dedicated to providing a welcoming and caring community for our members and greater Hamilton. We come together to nourish our spirituality through worship, to increase our understanding through study, to educate ourselves and each other, and to better our world through acts of loving kindness.

We are an inclusive congregation committed to the principles and values of Conservative Judaism and we welcome Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations to observe life cycle events, and pursue our mission through prayer, rituals, learning, music and the other gifts God has given us.  We encourage all members to participate fully in congregational activities, to explore individual and communal growth, and to increase their familiarity with and knowledge of Jewish practice.

Rabbi Hillel Lavery-Yisraeli -

Shira Kates, Synagogue Manager -

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