131 Lippincott St.
Toronto, ON M5S 2P3

Dr. Dan Aviv

ADRABA is an online Jewish high school program based in Toronto, Ontario, providing Jewish teens across the province Ministry-approved courses enhanced with Jewish content.

We believe that all Jewish teens should have the opportunity to learn about their culture, history, values and traditions in a fun and relevant manner while also earning high school credits.

Our courses in Canadian history, World Religions, Jewish food culture, Media Studies and philosophy are fulfilling in more than just the “requirements-for-graduation” way.  We dig deep into our origin stories in Babylonia, Ashkenaz, Spain and Canada.  We ask big questions about how our values frame how we see the world.  We unpack how what we eat reflects where and who we are.  We take a hard look at legacy and new media’s coverage of the biggest story in our community today.  And we do it twice a week via ZOOM after school, specific days and times TBD.  

Classes start in October and conclude mid-June, with all Jewish and public school holidays off. 

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Director: Dr. Dan Aviv

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